Allen Booth

Summer 2016

Mostly, this page is about letting my colleagues and fellow travellers know what I'm up to work-wise. But on a more personal note... Last fall, Laurie and I got together with a bunch of neighbours and pals to sponsor some refugees. At last they are here. (Yay.) And (sorry colleagues) helping them settle in Toronto will probably take up quite a bit of my time this summer. Just saying. Anyway...

TV and WEB TV LAND: With Kensington I'm developing/writing docs including one on the subject of risk, as well as a followup to our highly successful science-of-sports doc The Equalizer. Plus I recently coproduced and directed a web series wherein comedians interview authors. It's called Make Me Read. Check it out. It's kind of funny, kind of quirky. You might like it. The last long running TV series I worked on was Kensington's Museum Secrets, currently showing in about 50 countries around the world. I was creative producer and/or head writer in various seasons. Museum Secrets won the 2014 Canadian Screen Award for Best Factual Program or Series.

WEB LAND: Working on a site for an organization called Sephardi Voices that collects the life-stories and photographs of Jews who were displaced from countries in North Africa and Middle East in the aftermath of WWII. They have some interesting video interviews. (Hopefully the site I create displays them well.) And if you need stock to complete your next film or tv production (or just like looking at amazing imagery) check out the stock footage site I built for Kensington. Also, I've been working with my illustrator pal Mike Constable on a site that provides social network friendly illustrated e-cards (that you can caption yourself). We call it

APP LAND: Just found out there's funding for an app I've been hoping to work on (details top secret at the moment). A while ago I was "concept guy" and content management system programmer for a mobile app called Scopify.

MUSIC LAND: Poet/singer Robert Priest released a CD of songs we wrote together. You can listen to samples (and purchase) at CDBaby. Robert also performs in and around Toronto quite a bit. So if you catch him live, you'll hear some of our songs. Plus... a while ago I had a visit from ace guitarist Kevin Bell, a founding member of my 1980s rock band "Only Human." He had a tape of one of our gigs at the El Mocambo. If you feel like it, enter the wayback machine to have a listen.

Web Sites

Here are thumbnails/links for a few of the websites I've made. Some are built with standard Open Source content management systems (Joomla, Wordpress) and some are powered by my own hand-rolled CMS: Infomindr.