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(as we say in the circus)

These are my web pages, set up to spread information like wildfire, and empowerment and stories – mine and those of people I've met along the way. Sit down, have some tea.

I was in Iraq for 6 months from Nov 2003 to mid May 2004 posting stuff regularly to this site and am now on a talking tour in the US - upcoming dates are below. You can get my writing free and direct by e mail by sending a message to wildfirejo-subscribe@yahoogroups.com with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line. It’s an announce only list so you don’t get messages from anyone else on the list.

Go to the 'biography' page to find out more about what I was doing in Iraq and visit www.circus2iraq.org

The Iraq pages also contain all the stuff I wrote while I was in Baghdad in February and March 2003, in the month before the war and the first 12 days of bombing, when I was interviewing civilian casualties of the bombings and talking to people as much as was possible then about what was happening. There's also stuff from my first visit in August 2001 and things other people have written about and from Iraq.

Those politicians and corporations are sucking your blood and the media is lying to you about it.

Now go and have it with them.

Viva la confetti-ista
Vive la circo-revolucion
Throw fruit at politicians

Thanks and praises to Mike and Ben for the website. Yer smashing.

June 6th, 7pm, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Peace and Justice Centre, Harvard NW

June 7th, 7pm, Santa Fe, New Mexico - Cloud Cliff Cafe

June 8th, 6:30, Taos, New Mexico - Chamisa Mesa High School.

June 10th,7pm, Salida, Colorado - Bongo Billy Cafe, Sackett St.

June 11th, 7:30 pm, Cristol Chemistry Building, University of Boulder, Colorado

June 12th, 7pm, Barbecue Woof Cafe, 333 E Colfax, Denver, Colorado

June 14th, 7pm Tempe Friends Meeting House, Phoenix, Arizona

June 16th, Flagstaff, Arizona

July 3rd, 3:30-5pm, Ideas for Freedom workshop, Highgate Newton Community Centre, 25 Bertram St, London N19 (10 mins walk from Archway Tube)