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Peace Prayers - Eliyahu's writing about his trip from Israel to Iraq to take part in the peace prayers on March 20th.
April 8h - A Year Later - The kidnappings, the closures, the situation a year after the fall of Baghdad.
April 7th - Women’s Rights - Threats to suspend women from college if they don't wear veils and the CPA's failure to stand up for women's rights.
April 5th - Jawdat - An interview with Jawdat Al-Obaidi, former member of the Iraqi opposition, on is time in the resistance, the felling of the Saddam statue and how he feels about the situation now.
April 3rd - When do the clocks change? - Daylight saving confusion, the other clowns leave Iraq and stuff about Falluja.
March 31st - Basra - The circus in Basra, with deaf-mute kids, blind kids, some inspiring young women and a giant car boot sale.
March 29th - Samawa - The circus in the southern city of Samawa.
March 26th - The Girls’ Day Out - Some issues facing girls and women in the Nasariya area, a former exile and a gruop fo actors and dramatists.