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January 30th - The Workhouse - The circus in a girls' orphanage, in a squatter camp in Rajdiya and rehearsing for the big show with Happy Family.
January 28th - Day Trip to Baquba - A circus show in Baquba and a failed attempt to talk to people about what's been happening there.
January 27th - Ghosts and Clowns - Working with a group of Iraqi actors, musicians and dancers to create a show in the National Theatre.
January 24th - The Drain - The death of a baby at the Al-Sha'ala camp where we went the other day, and more about the plans to help the people living there to build a drain and a school for themselves.
January 22nd - The Making of Legends - How I became part of one of the World's most famous circuses.
January 21st - Sparks - The circus in the squatter camp at Al-Sha'ala.
January 19th - May The Farce Be With You - The Iraqi legal system is in crisis for lack of laws and an adequate structure. This bizarre episode followed Tom's arrest.
January 17th - Writers - A group of writers, artists and others, some of them former poitical prisoners, has established an organisation for children and the environment.