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Iraq August 2001 - A report on the August 2001 sanction breaking delegation.
Facing War - whose son Danny was in Iraq with us, written just after Sept 11th.
The Bog Roll Diaries - the diary I kept while in jail in Israel, on toilet paper because I had nothing else to write on
Me, interviewed after the Palestine trip - about Palestine, our trip, the Church of the Nativity Action and jail.
Tall Nathan's Story - This is a piece written by Nathan Mauger, from the US, who was part of my group at the Church of the Nativity action. Please excuse the "X"s – as Nathan explains:-

I have not included names of Palestinians, or other details I don’t want the fucking piece of shit CIA paedophile poopy-fart motherfuckers who check our emails to know about. God bless America
Those who give us hope - I am including this article because it reiterates the point that the United Nations is us - all of us. Every one of us has power if we choose to use it. Using it doesn’t involve the same set of actions for everyone, because everyone’s energy naturally takes us in different directions: what matters is that we commit ourselves to one another and know that it makes a difference.
an account by my friend Ewa - September 2002