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March 12th - Maxmur - Making music for a deaf boy in the Maxmur camp of Kurdish refugees from Turkey; the women's centre at the camp and the rest of our tour around Erbil.
March 9th - The Dictator - In a village near Erbil a whole family of women is effectively imprisoned in the home by their father / grandfather, the chief of the village. Also a show in an Iranian refugee camp and on a random hillside.
March 8th - The Federal State - Whatever it means for the rest of Iraq, in Kurdistan the interim constitution was celebrated, giving the Kurds a federal state of their own for the first time ever. More circus shows and games in villages, among the minefields.
March 7th - Clowning in Kurdistan - Adventures in the Ministry and our first shows in Erbil and the villages around, playing parachute games in a cemetery.
March 4th - Erbil - Circus to Kurdistan, part one.
March 3rd - Post Traumatic Stress - The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Programme that Dr Ali and Dr Yousef are trying to run, in spite of all the difficulties. The Ashura bombings and another threat to Happy Family.
February 29th - Bubble Riots - More from the camp at Al-Sha'ala and a circus in the home for disabled people.
February 28th - Ashura - The parade for the Shia festival of Ashura.