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November 27th - Coalition Troops - Driving down to Nasariya we were forced off the road by a US military lorry. US soldiers brutalise a roadside petrol seller. Why resistance is growing in the so-called Sunni Triangle.
November 26th - A Boy with a Bullet in his Brain - The US administration in Iraq has failed to provide or pay for treatment for a boy shot by its soldiers.
Participate in a Video Project - Seeking people with technical skills, funds or academic expertise to create an educational resource fro Iraqi universities.
November 24th - Solidarity and Destruction - Traffic chaos, international solidarity and talking to Iraqi friends about the demonstrations in London.
November 21st 2003 - No More Cheap Chickens - Iraqi doctors say nothing has changed in the months since the coalition occupied the ministry of health. They are still without adequate drugs, equipment, supervision, funding and pay and still in a bog of bureaucracy.
Heading West, to the North - Devilstick Peat, a professional fool and ex-soldier, on peacemaking and the circus revolution in Northern Ireland, and planning to join the Circus2Iraq.
November 20th - Suleimania (2) - Talking with former political prisoners.
November 19th, 2003 - Suleimania (1) - An evening with a Kurdish family.