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Reply to the Pentagon and Ray - A "letter from a soldier" was forwarded to me with a request that I reply to the list of "good things happening in Iraq" that he touted. So I did.
May 2nd - Going Home - Following US withdrawl from Falluja, some of the thousands of people who fled are going home.
April 30th - Where Have All the Women Gone? - Dancing and Friday prayers.
April 28th - Thawra - Anger at the occupation is growing in Thawra - Sadr City - where many residents once welcomed the Americans, after several civilian deaths.
April 26th - Refugees (2) - More on the refugees from Falluja.
April 21st - Refugees - Meeting some of the refugees who have fled Falluja.
April 17th - Falluja (2) - The second trip to Falluja and the courteous kidnappers.
April 11th - Falluja - US snipers in Falluja shoot unarmed man in the back, old woman with white flag, children fleeing their homes and the ambulance that we were going in to fetch a woman in premature labour.