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It is War and We Are Singing - All the writing from my time in Baghdad in February and March 2003 – the month before the war and the first part of the bombing. Just discovered it wasn't already on the site.
January 1st - New Year in Baghdad - The year ended with a car bomb and both the conventional and the Baghdadi kind of fireworks.
New year Resolutions - This is something I wrote for a magazine called Venue in Bristol a couple of weeks ago, that wanted my new year resolutions for the end of year issue. Thought I’d share it, just for the laugh.
December 31st - Actors - Life after Saddam for Iraqi actors, and some children's projects.
December 30th - Some Stuff About Health - Pollution, cancer and infectious diseases in different parts of Iraq. And petrol problems. Still.
December 25th - Living by the Fence - The health survey in Abu Ghraib.
December 22nd - Abu Ghraib - Fear, suspicion, weirdness and miscarriages in Abu Ghraib.
December 20th - Shootings and Stories - US soldiers shoot a hospital security guard, the gunshot victim we saw on Thursday died and a grandmother in Abu Ghraib told me some stories.