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December 10th - Nahrain University - A friend's university, Saif's escape from Saddam and some of Ahmed's stories from his time driving the ambulance.
December 8th 2003 - Ahmed and Ali - The US offer of reward money for information means an ambulance volunteer has had to go into hiding. The petrol queues are getting worse.
December 6th - The Mess Between Two Rivers - Iraq's unseen environmental catastrophe and its health consequences.
Bit of a Biography - Brief details of who I am, what I'm doing here and what I've done before.
December 3rd - Killings in Ramadi - US troops raid the wrong house and execute the wrong men.
December 2nd - Catching Up - Catching up with some friends I haven't seen since the war. Husam was arrested by coalition forces. Talaat has been working as a doctor throughout the war and occupation.
December 1st 2003 - Faruq - A man I met the last time I was here is now working for a human rights organisation. Call for solidarity actions at the end of this piece.
November 28th - Rebuilding - While Bechtel takes vast amounts of Iraq's money for poor patching up of the physical infrastructure, an Iraqi group is invoving citizens in the reconstruction of both infrastructure and civil society, on a much smaller budget.