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March 24th - The Southern Tour - The circus comes to Nasariya, gets asked silly questions by policemen, does shows in schools and avoids the land mines in War Child's garden.
Twinning Links - Some ideas and possibilities for twinning with groups of children.
March 21st - Bayaa - The Bayaa youth centre and theatre in Baghdad.
March 20th - Peace Prayers - Spiritual leaders from around the world and Iraq came to Baghdad to pray for peace together: Muslims, Jews, Christians and Shamen from several continents.
March 19th - Sanctuary - Some of the problems facing the orphanages which look after disabled kids.
March 18th - The Bomb - A car bomb or something exploded round the corner and killed 27 people.
March 17th - The Farm (2) - We went to look for a family we met last year in the hospital just after their farmhouse was bombed, to find out how they are and to look, again, for the intended military target.
March 16th - Schools - We took the circus into some poor Shia schools around Baghdad. Arrests of women bank clerks and eviction threats in some of the squatter camps.