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November 18th - Convention Centre - The weird world of the civilian-military administration in Iraq.
November 17th - Asking the Fairies - Talking to the displaced people living in abandoned buildings in Baghdad.
November 16th - Kull ishi maaku - Demonstrations and desperation among workers who haven't been paid.
November 15th - Talking Politics in Baghdad - It’s truly a joy to walk down the street talking openly about politics with an Iraqi person in Baghdad. Less joyous, of course, are the “Please mind the bomb” posters pasted to bus stops and walls...
November 10th 2003 - Home - This morning Samar and her 12 year old daughter Saba moved out of the house Samar's lived in for 34 years. Tonight they will stay in the damp, ratty apartment which their old neighbour, Abu Nidhal, has just moved into.
November 8th - Welcome to Iraq - I’m safely in Baghdad. As if in welcome a bright orange sun was just easing over the horizon as I crossed the much slimmed-down border from Jordan.
Buy Now Slay Later - September 14th
Dinner, the Planet and Human Rights - or “Why are you vegan?”

I’m not about to preach, but I get asked this all the time. Why are you vegan? Isn’t that taking things a bit too far? But how can you give up cheese / chocolate / bacon sandwiches? So if you want to know, this is why. If not, well, you clicked on the thingy – don’t blame me.