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December 16th - The Aftermath - Reactions around Baghdad and beyong to the capture of Saddam.
December 18th - Arresting Children - Schoolchildren arrested by armed US soldiers and masked translators for demonstrating against the occupation and in support of Saddam.
Circus2Iraq - We're bringing a small circus to Iraq - why and how you can help.
December 14th - The Arrest of Saddam - Reactions on the streets to Saddam's capture.
December 13th - Prisoners - The stories of former prisoners and relatives of people detainedby the US forces without charge, trial, representaion or visits.
Student Opinion Poll - Dahr went to Mustansariyah University to ask students their opinions on the occupation. Also so,me ideas for action. He's a freelance writer from Alaska. To receive his reports direct, e mail dahrma90 (at) and ask to be added to his list.
Samarra-US Military Using Weapons of Mass Deception? - Dahr Jamail is an American freelance journalist currently in Baghdad. He went to Samarra to try to find out the truth behind the wildly differing stories of what happened in the battle there. To receive Dahr's reports direct, e mail dahrma90 (at) and ask to be added to his list.
December 11th - Ramadi - Meeting the witnesses to the killings in Ramadi and the family and friends of the men who were shot.