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February 23rd - A Postcard from Jordan - Earthquakes, Jordan, Bedouin with mobile phones, US soldiers with twitchy trigger fingers and the news from Baghdad.
February 9th - Reflections - The drain at Sha'ala is coming along well, but a little boy living at the camp has terrible burns and there's no medical care available; a few thoughts about the last three months as I head for 11 days off in Jordan.
US Soldier: "Sometimes it is a soldier’s duty to tell the truth, no matter what" - It has nothing to do with liberation or ensuring a free election in Iraq. No way that will ever really happen. If you could see how they are parceling out the Iraq resources to the contractors there right now, you would understand what I mean. I have seen the profiteering on a first hand basis. I have never seen that level of outright greed even around the Pentagon at budget time.
Umm Qasr Occupation Lock-Out, IPA Chief Gets a Kicking (again) - A report from the dock workers in Basra, under occupation by British military forces and US corporate ones. [Punctuation a bit weird, but a very important read].
From an Army Nurse - An e mail I received from someone working as a nurse in a military hospital in the US. He / she believes the reports about the number of soldiers killed in given incidents, but points out that the many many desperately soldiers go unreported.
February 5th - Back to Sha’ala - We went back to Sha'ala to do an Eid show for the camp and give them the money people sent for them to build the drain.
February 1st - Happy Eid - Clowning and boomchucking at the Eid show and rehearsals with Happy Family; some of their plans for the future.
January 31st - Another Day - The death of Durayd, the arrest of Esam and the circus in Mahaweel