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yassers house baby.JPG

yassers house

yassers house 2.JPG

yassers house

thawra girl.JPG

Young Shia girl, Thawra, Baghdad



yassers house 1.JPG

Yasser's house, Thawra, Baghdad, the day before the war.

sandstorm tree.JPG


sandstorm house 2.JPG


samirs shop.JPG

Samir's shop after a nearby bomb blast shattered the window.

saif me ahmed.JPG

Saif, me and Ahmed, August 2001. The boys used to polish shoes on Abu Nawas Street.

me and small saif.JPG

Small Saif, a 10 year old street kid who polished shoes and hugged foreigners. The latter trade made him more money.


August 2001: Kahromana, Ali Baba's housekeeper, pouring hot oil into the barrels where the forty thieves were hiding. The fountain was built by the Ir...

house sandstorm 1.JPG

photos from the Feb-March trip to Iraq