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tower building.jpg

The building of the tower. It was mostly built out of rubbish but everything overlapped - they said it was a nightmare to dismantle

tunnel party.jpg

One night we reclaimed the tunnel, blocking it to the bailiffs so we could have a party in the bit they'd already dug out and enlarged. It's a bit fuz...

me and fred.jpg

Me (left) and Cherie, aka Fred. Our food was all in tins but the labels came off because of the damp. We wrote a list of the codes that were stamped o...

me jenny cherie.jpg

Jenny (Bill), me and Cherie in the upper chamber.


Sam, who was only with us for 33 days.

jo and sam.jpg

Jo with Sam




The communal longhouse, built out of recycled doors, windows, planks and tarpaulins. There was a wood burner inside for warmth and it was furnished wi...

car in tree.jpg

We took everything out of the car and put it in the trees.

ben me fred.jpg

Ben, aka Felix / Felicity / Barbie, me and Cherie

yasser's house zainab.JPG

yassers house zainab

yassers house z and mum.JPG

yassers house