About Us

PointyPixels.com was created by folks who love the internet and love illustrations.

Illustrations are great way to make a point (or support one).

That was true when illustrations were made with pen and ink.  And it's still true now that they're made of pixels.

Hence... Pointy Pixels.

A lot of this card service is free. It will stay online and stay free as long as folks don't abuse it (too much) and as long as some folks buy our add-on paid services.

What are those add-on paid services you ask? As of now (summer 2014) we're still working that out.  But we're looking for companies and organizations who might like us to create custom sets of illustrations for public use and/or for their exclusive use.

Know anyone like that?  Send them to pointypixels.com!





Have questions about Pointy Pixels? We've got answers.

After you choose one of our featured complete cards, or after you put your own words on a card, you will come to a page that shows the card with buttons linking to popular social networks. Click these to share the card. Or, on the same page, click "Download This Image." You can download the image and share however you like as long as you agree not to remove the copyright notice.

Glad you asked. Our cardinal rule is that you should not use our cards to distribute words that are against the laws of your community. For more info please see our Terms & Conditions.

The social media buttons are quick and definitely work. But for Facebook and Twitter downloading and uploading are best (because then the images display right in your timelines).


Raves? Flames? Contact the friendly site manager.

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